Tech Trends in Practice: The 25 Technologies that are Driving the 4th Industrial Revolution

Now, providers are beta testing their networks, and predictions estimate that 5G will start rolling out in several cities this year. Transport and logistics have a lot to gain from artificial intelligence as well. Admittedly, basic fitness trackers account for the majority of health wearable sales. Over the past two years, however, the ability of these devices to track more detailed health measurements has become increasingly sophisticated.

biggest tech trends

I don’t particularly care for the term “metaverse,” but it’s become shorthand for a more immersive internet where we’ll be able to work, play, and socialize on a persistent platform. Contactless, autonomous shopping and delivery will also be a huge trend for 2023. AI will make it easier for consumers to pay for and receive goods and services. Offering a promising career path for someone who wants to get into and stick with this evergreen trending technology.


What might change is that companies will become more analytical about their cloud usage, which is accounting for an increasingly large chunk of their spending. The healthcare industry is directly influenced by many digital technology trends. Just last year the FDA approved companies like IDx , Viz.AI (diagnostics for life-threatening diseases), and Imagen .

  • Where 3G and 4G technologies have enabled us to browse the internet, use data driven services, increased bandwidths for streaming on Spotify or YouTube and so much more, 5G services are expected to revolutionize our lives.
  • In fact, 68% of global workers believe RPA will make them more productive while 57% of executives say RPA has increased employee engagement.
  • One of the biggest tech trends to emerge in recent years is the Internet of Things.
  • In response to lockdowns and related disruptions, major businesses have been accelerating their rollout of mobile and social media shopping to create a contactless shopping experience.
  • According to this new Deloitte Tech Trends report, IT has a long history of change, but its three tenets — interaction, information and computation — have remained steady forces.

Currently, the worldwide average internet speed is only 10MB/s, so 5G can potentially offer a connection that is 100 times faster. The latest technological trends predict that the next 1-2 years will bring headsets offering higher-quality displays, more sensors, Wi-Fi capabilities and more. Virtual reality had a bumpy start when it was first introduced in the 50s. The last decades have seen some significant improvements in terms of quality and usefulness in different sectors. AI research has been going on for over 60 years, and a lot of big companies are already using it in their everyday operations.

The first step towards VR integration into our daily lives is better content sync. With this in mind, current market VR headsets do not allow users to fully immerse themselves within the experience. While the hardware is available, it has only been used in specialized fields. Another trend worth mentioning is the increased interoperability available between the set of neural networks supporting artificial intelligence. Developers are facing difficulties when it comes down to choosing the right framework for their AI systems. With this in mind, an AI model that is trained within a specific framework often ends up lacking support when attempting to transition to another network.

Tech Trend #9. Wireless-value Realization

The Novel and Exponential Technologies team is a team of futurists and researchers who sense—and make sense of—emerging technologies that have the potential for widespread business impact. With our pragmatic approach to futurism, we help organizations shape strategic business agendas and set an intentional course toward tomorrow. Historically, “technology” has served as shorthand for information technology. biggest tech trends We anticipate that six emerging technology disciplines will eventually rival IT in their impact on business innovation. Identify opportunities to optimize digital businesses or create new products based on metaverse technologies. As a global recession appears imminent, business leaders are rightly worried about how best to position their companies to not only survive but succeed in 2023.

biggest tech trends

The month future-view is based on the idea that enterprise budgets are already set for the next months, and this is the “Goldilocks zone” that can help tech leaders think towards planning for the future. Ambitious strategic objectives like growing revenues and accelerating digital business demand action even when the future is unclear. Technology is critical to success, so set your action plan with the help of the 2023 Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends.

Researchers also see big potential for AR in business – especially in industries such as manufacturing or advertising. While the market has grown somewhat, most people use VR sets out of pure curiosity, rather than actual utility or entertainment. At this moment, the adoption rates for VR are still fairly limited for both businesses and individual users. Machine learning developers and programmers rank among the top emerging job positions garnering over 2000 active and well-paid listings on LinkedIn.


In addition, our last decade of multicloud deployments have resulted in “considerable complexity in cloud management,” according to the report. To simplify, enterprises are employing the metacloud, which provides “a common layer of abstraction and automation” and can help businesses run more smoothly, increase flexibility and grow faster. This list clarifies which technology trends are likely to be most relevant, when, so you can prepare to capture their value to drive priority strategies. Drones also will not require permission from the government in the next few years, so they could be used for more things. For instance, trends say drones may be used more to find people or animals that are lost. Connecting and remotely controlling a drone from a phone, or other digital device is not even a future trend anymore.

biggest tech trends

Neil Cumins is an award-winning writer and journalist from Carlisle, England. With over 20 years of experience writing about technology and marketing on both sides of the Atlantic, he’s worked with some of the world’s biggest hardware and software manufacturers, as well as countless SaaS brands. An amateur coder and semi-pro photographer, Neil launched his own business in the Noughties, and has subsequently helped many other small firms to grow and prosper.

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This is why blockchain can emerge as one of the hottest technology trends when it comes to protecting your privacy. At STX Next, we’re no strangers to emerging technologies and the challenges that come with implementing them in software projects, whether it’s machine learning or data engineering. Our years of experience in fintech development have also taught us a thing or two about security, risk, and scalability. Given these figures, forecasts for 2023 confirm an increase in investment in digital transformation technologies. As IDC pointed out during its annual IDC FutureScape meeting, “By 2023, 90% of organizations worldwide will prioritize investments in digital tools to augment physical spaces and assets with digital experiences”. Tech professionals who want to learn the ins and outs of RPA will find jobs as RPA developers, analysts, and architects.

biggest tech trends

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have the potential to change the future world and have been making headlines among the emerging information technology trends in recent years. Machine learning involves training machines to perform tasks without being specifically programmed. In contrast, artificial intelligence consists in building intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that usually require human wisdom. Still, in the relatively early days of development, AI and ML would find more and more sophisticated applications as the technology progresses. It is estimated that over 50% of human interaction with computers will be through AI-generated speech in the next two years.

In 2017, the global data centers processed approximately 100 exabytes of data per month. With the potential to transform how we interact with everything from coffee makers to freight trucks, it comes as no surprise the ambient intelligence industry is expected to grow at an impressive 33% CAGR through 2028. Similar to a carpenter’s toolbox, LCAPs are what enable users to create software using the low / no-code approach. However, in the future, virtual / metaverse concerts will be fully immersive via Virtual Reality goggles (making them a true “metaverse” experience). While many of the trends above have been percolating for years , the idea of a metaverse was virtually unheard of prior to 2021. In reality, studies show technologies like RPA are liberating employees from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on more stimulating work.

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If you are interested in a career in web development, it is important to stay up to date on the latest web dev trends. There are a variety of Web Development courses available online to get started. “Many retailers are overhauling their in-store experiences to make them more reflective of our current – and probably future – reality,” said Staples.

Further, while green initiatives – like planting trees and switching to electric vehicles – can reduce carbon emissions over time, many experts believe the impact will be too little too late. Due to its versatile nature and simplicity, it continues to capture the interest of developers, those new and experienced alike. The organizations that will win are those willing to experiment with new technologies and invest in creating infrastructures to support these experiments without exposing customers to risk. For example, organizations can use first-party data collected by Internet of Things devices—like Siri and Alexa—to train AI models to be more accurate and objective. A document aimed at protecting and promoting human rights, in addition to serving as a global normative basis, to contribute to respect for the rule of law in the digital world.

For example, NFT tickets to concerts will potentially give you access to backstage experiences and memorabilia. NFTs might be the keys we use to interact with many of the digital products and services we buy, or they could represent contracts we enter into with other parties. Blockchain technology will also advance significantly in 2023 as companies create more decentralized products and services. Companies are already using metaverse technology like AR and VR to conduct training and onboarding, and this trend will accelerate in 2023. Consulting giant Accenture has already created a metaverse environment called the Nth Floor.

From amusement parks to airports, and ski resorts to conference centers, augmented reality developers are working to create the equivalent of GPS for foot traffic. After decades of hype and promises, both augmented and virtual reality seem to be gaining steam. In fact, virtual crime has become so prevalent the $153 billion cyber security industry is expected to grow 139% by 2028 (to $336 billion). Second, because blockchain technology creates a linear chain of custody, the issue of there being “gaps” in the end-to-end visibility chain would become a thing of the past. Further, while having such extreme processing power could be handy for planning a trip to mars – or running trillions of genome sequences – it’s unlikely quantum computers will replace everyday PCs and laptops. To combat this, a company known as Footprint is using technology to create bio-based, 100% biodegradable consumer product packaging.

Blockchain – Digital currency, digital trust, and beyond!

In short, blockchain offers a pool of untapped potential and 2022 will undoubtedly be another step toward realizing it. Despite these challenges, however, the technology space sector continues to grow at a blistering speed. From labor shortages to a computer chip crisis, tech companies across the globe have faced a variety of challenges over the last two years. Given how popular contactless payment became during the pandemic, we expect similar technology to roll out in the United States and other Western economies in the coming months and years. However, as more sophisticated sensors become available, wearable devices are becoming smarter and smarter every year that goes by. In the future, ER headsets and glasses will be able to translate foreign languages in real-time with a high degree of accuracy.

How the metaverse will change the future of work and society

A blockchain serves as a digital ledger for duplicated transactions and is distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the Blockchain. Each block in the chain contains several transactions, and every time a new transaction occurs on the Blockchain, a record of that transaction is added to every participant’s ledger. Machine learning is becoming omnipresent across all industries, including agriculture, medical research, stock market, traffic monitoring, etc. For instance, machine learning can be utilized in agriculture, such as predicting weather patterns and crop rotation.

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By 2023, the global edge computing market is expected to reach $6.72 billion. And this new technology trend is only meant to grow and nothing less, creating various jobs, primarily for software engineers. As the quantity of data organizations is dealing with continues to increase, they have realized the shortcomings of cloud computing in some situations.

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